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Tree Trimming Cost

To trim a tree in Portland, Oregon, you should set aside $80 to $1000 per tree. For small, non-risky trees, you should expect a tree trimming cost between $80 and $150. The tree trimming cost increases with size, generally moving from $500 for the average-sized trees...

Tree Removal Costs

In Portland, the cost of removing a single tree ranges from $200 to $2000+. However, since medium-sized trees form the largest percentage in the city, a tree removal cost of $400 to $1,200 is more common, with a median cost of around $800 being charged for the typical...

Tree Pruning Cost

To hire professional tree pruners in Portland, Oregon, you should have $75 to $2000 set aside for each tree. With most properties in Portland having average-sized trees, the more common tree pruning cost ranges from $350 t0 $650. Several factors affect the amount you...
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